Feast for the Eyes Exhibition

5:30 PM - 7:30 PM

Nassau County Museum of Art Roslyn Harbor, New York


Artful Circle Invites You to....Feast for the Eyes
On View 7/30-11/6

Nassau County Museum of Art, Roslyn, New York
Guest curated by Franklin Hill Perrell, with assistance from Debbie Wells of Artful Circle, Feast for the Eyes, explores how cuisine has always inspired artists. Drawn from a wide variety of media, the exhibition offers viewers eclectic portrayals of feasts, eateries, restaurants, cafés, groceries, and table settings.

Feast for the Eyes fills the nearly the entire museum, a majestic former Frick estate in Roslyn, with paintings, sculptures, objects d’art of every type of food and feast. Its sweeping two-floor show focuses on food and dining in art, and features works by an array of artists, including Roy Lichtenstein, William Merritt Chase, Andy Warhol, Ben Schonzeit, Audrey Flack, Al Hirschfeld, Wayne Thiebaud, Berenice Abbott, Roz Chast, Man Ray, Hunt Slonem, Richard Gachot, Red Grooms, George Grosz, Henri Matisse, Janet Fish, Dana Sherwood, Phillip Pearlstein, Claes Oldenberg, Tjalf Sparnaay, Cindy Sherman, Richard Estes, Luigi Benedicenti, and much, much more.

Stylistically, the art varies as much as the culinary delights depicted. Visitors will see everything from Pop-Art and Photorealism paintings to photography, sculpture, photography and mixed media art. Each gallery room showcases different viewpoints on our obsession with the aesthetics of food and how it fits into our everyday lives as well as special occasions. The gallery spaces throughout the museum feature themes such as candy and desserts, seafood, junk food, fruit and flowers, farm-to-table fare and even the relationship between wildlife and food!

Full of verve, taste and flavor (plus lots of surprises), Feast for the Eyes, is creative and visually appetizing exhibition that is sure to appeal to art-lovers of all ages!

Nassau County Museum of Art is located at One Museum Drive in Roslyn Harbor on Long Island. For more information, visit nassaumuseum.org.